Jacques Pinget

CEO, SATT Lutech, Paris

With a degree from École Centrale, Nantes, Jacques Pinget quickly began acquiring experience in corporate development strategy. From 2004 to 2011, he held various strategic positions at UNIT4 France (developer of the AGRESSO Business World ERP system), first as R&D director, then as business unit director for the education sector.

In 2011, he became Project Director at Capgemeni and then Strategic Partnership Director for one of the group’s divisions.

He was recruited by the Compiègne University of Technology (UCT) to create the partnership foundation for innovation and to steer strategy for developing business and innovation relations. During that time, he raised €5 million from UTC’s major corporate partners.

Leveraging his knowledge and experience in the private sector as well as public education, research, and innovation, Jacques Pinget is entirely dedicated to meeting SATT Lutech’s strategic challenges and opportunities to accelerate transformation in the innovation landscape in France.