SATT Lutech

SATT Lutech accelerates, facilitates, and valorizes the transfer of technology and know-how from its member establishments to companies of all sizes.

SATT Lutech’s core activity is to work with researchers and laboratories to help them progressively with their discoveries and enable those discoveries to become true innovations that meet business and industry needs. This approach involves a maturation phase that covers all aspects related to intellectual property, economic evaluation, and technological development.

Investment strategy at SATT Lutech is oriented towards innovative projects, typically in the Deep Tech category, related to topics including the future of medicine (MedTech, BioTech), sustainable mobility, renewable energy, the energy transition and innovation related to Cleantech, the city of tomorrow (Smart City), artificial intelligence (AI), connected objects (IoT), digital security (blockchain, cryptography), modernizing the production system (Industry 4.0), and improving our food production and resources (FoodTech).

Our goal is to focus on maximizing the socio-economic impact of academic research by granting operating rights to existing and future companies. SATT Lutech offers a catalog of diverse opportunities and solutions that meet business growth needs.

Lutech, covering a geographical area with 8350 researchers
580 innovation projects assisted
35 M€ invested in projects
61 transfer / license contracts
Over 1000 IP titles
30 startups totaling over 72 M€*

*based on Deloitte report, Dec. 2019
in cumulated figures since the SATT was created on Dec. 31, 2019