Working together

Licensing policy

SATT Lutech’s primary goal is to establish a contractual environment that gives innovation projects the best chances of success. We work to support our licensees’ ability to generate revenue and thereby generate incoming financial streams for Lutech. For us, this involves seeking the optimal balance between risks and opportunities based on a fair contract duration and licensee capacity and desire, while also defending the interests of our partner establishments. Operating terms and conditions for licenses are defined after achieving full understanding of all the details regarding interests and development issues. In particular, this enables us to settle on an acceptable distribution compromise with respect to entry fees, fees at key steps, guaranteed minimums, and/or royalties.

Equity investment policy

Depending on the circumstances, SATT Lutech may consider transformation in the form of equity investment for all or part of financial amounts owed by licensees. This mechanism is reserved for certain startups still in the creation phase in order to enable them to focus their financial resources on finalizing transferred technologies. In these types of cases, SATT Lutech joins the entrepreneurial adventure as a shareholder while limiting its risks through a license contract that covers potential subsequent confirmation in the innovation market.