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Pseudo-viral particles to treat autoimmune disorder

Market challenges

Auto-immune disease prevalence has significantly increased in developed countries those last decades. Even if many drugs are available to treat symptoms, there is no treatment to cure those diseases.
Treatments against autoimmune disease rely on the use of immunosuppressive drugs, acting in a non-specific manner on the immune system, which have many unwanted consequences.
The development of new effective and specific treatments for immune dysfunctions remains necessary.

Innovative solution

Researchers from Sorbonne Université have designed pseudo-viral particles (VLP) which are able to inhibit APC activation and T cells activation. The particularity is that VLP express an immunoregulator molecule at the surface.
These particles can be used to modify, regulate or inhibit the immune response. More precisely, these particles restore the immune tolerance to specific antigens and can be used to treat immune dysfunction.

Suggested applications

• Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis
• Treatment of auto-immune disorder where antigen(s) responsible for the disease is (are) known.

Development status

A maturation program started at SATT Lutech to get in vivo proof of concept of cure of a AID model (MS); The program aims at :
• Evaluate VLP efficiency compared to abatacept
• Evaluate VLP toxicity
• Evaluate differents route of administration
• Determination of VLP mechanism of action
• Evaluate the immunodepression effects

Competitive advantages

• VLP regulate the immune system in a long lasting and in a specific manner
• VLP can be specifically designed to provide a specific cure for every disease when the antigen responsible for the disease is known.

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