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Market challenges

Numerous formulations (cosmetics, inks, lubricants…) require the presence of texturing agents in order to optimize their rheological properties.

Innovative solution

The proposed technology is a gelling formula composed of two additives. The first additive controls the structuring of the medium whilst the second one ensures the solubility. This formula is able to increase the viscosity of a great number of non-polar liquids like oils even to the point of gelling. These gels can be broken by shear and can reform after a period of immobilization.

Suggested applications

This gelling formula could be used in formulation in different fields such as:
• Cosmetics
• Lubricants
• Fuels
• Inks

Development status

Proof of concept was established on the basis of laboratory trials.

Competitive advantages

• Possibility to form a gel with a large range of liquids This formula presents the advantage that the two components each have a particular part to play, one component provides the structure, the other one the solubility. • • • • Therefore, the component that provides the structure does not have to be soluble in it.
• Stability of the gel over time (> 7 months)
• Modifiable by adjusting the composition of the formulation and the concentration of the additives
• Very low concentration needed to form a gel: ≤1% by weight
• French Patent Application in October 2014

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